Welcome to Home Sourdough!

Would you like to make real sourdough bread at home?

I have been baking sourdough bread for friends and family for about 10 years.

I’ve always had hippy-earth mother tendencies. This is a result of having grown up on a farm with a Grandma and a Mum who were home ec teachers. So I often joke that I learned to cook and sew by osmosis! One of the treasures they gave me was the confidence to give anything a go. So when I started reading about the health benefits of sourdough and how easy it was to make sourdough bread at home, I had to give it a crack!

In the early days, I made quite a few inedible loaves (aka “bricks”) But through a bit of experimentation and some research, I've discovered a simple process that gives consistently great results!

When people asked me to teach them how to make sourdough, I used to give them some starter and point them to some blog posts to read and work it out. But then a friend and her Mum insisted they wanted to come to my kitchen and watch me make the bread from start to finish!

So I worked out how to time things so I could have the different stages of the sourdough process ready at the same time to show in a Workshop (i.e., there’s a few “here’s one I prepared earlier” moments…) and thus, Home Sourdough was born!

I’ve since taught dozens of people to make their own sourdough bread at home with just the equipment available in the average kitchen. I’ve run workshops at community centres, classrooms, in my home, in other people’s homes, provided bread for school fetes, donated workshops as raffle prizes, and along the way met some fabulous people who like me, love creating community through food and hospitality. This website is the next step in sharing the love!

May the sourdough adventures continue!

Happy baking 😊